Why have dentures?

  • To get that great smile back
  • To help you chew the foods that you enjoy
  • To give you confidence when you smile and talk
  • To help you to retain your natural teeth

A denture is a removable appliance that replaces the missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth, so they take on the appearance of your natural teeth. Getting your great smile back is easy, just contact Smart Dental for initial consultation so that our dentist can understand your teeth structure and suggest you the best solution.

In the past dentures usually fitted poorly. They were bulky and often painful. Today’s technology has brought remarkable improvement. Innovations in dentistry combined with modern light-weight materials mean that current dentures are not only comfortable, but they closely resemble natural teeth.

Maintenance of dentures

The upkeep and maintenance of dentures are simple. But it’s important to clean them every single day. Soft toothbrushes should be used, and warm water, not hot, to prevent warping. Economical electro-sonic denture baths and specialty cleaning products are also helpful.

Conventional dentures are removable. However, there are many different denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants.

Re-lining your dentures

As your mouth is slowly changing shape, your dentures may need to be relined from time to time.

Re-lining your dentures is a simple procedure and is usually done on the day you visit.

When do you need to replace your dentures?

As you age your mouth changes shape and you begin to see lines and creases around your mouth.

So to ensure that your dentures offer good support for your cheeks and lips, and continue to fit well you will probably need to replace your dentures every 8 to 10 years.

To find out more about dentures, please contact our dentist at Smart Dental today!

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