Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports and leisure activities are the biggest cause of dental injuries. A sports mouth guard is an important and often vital piece of protective equipment in most sports that involve the risk of collision, falls, physical contact and flying equipment.

A knock to the face could result in chipped and fractured teeth and could even lead to a tooth being knocked out. A mouth guard acts to protect the teeth by providing cushioning to them and the lips and gums and reducing the risk of injury and damage to the teeth.

Generally, a mouth guard will be placed to cover the top teeth since they stick out more and are more likely to take a blow. A mouth guard should be worn at all times while playing and training.

Night Guards For Sleep Apnea

If you or a loved one snores, the problem can be more than just a social embarrassment. Historically those who were afflicted with the condition were left to live out their restless lives without a treatment solution. There are many non-surgical alternatives to traditional snoring and sleep apnea therapies. One solution to this problem is Night Guards. A night guard is a device placed in the mouth on top of the teeth to help with grinding and clenching. Grinding implies the moving of the jaw back and forth, while clenching is biting down with pressure for an extended period of time. The guard acts as a protective layer between your top and bottom teeth.

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